Thursday, 14 April 2016

WALT: Retell a past event.

WILF: correct sequence of events

No school work today. Were cooking Miss Wihongi. she Excitedly shouted. Solid I thought to myself I love food.    
Miss called my name. I rushed to the back of the class and shoved the gloves on. I snatched a green potato peeler from the pile. I held my red apple in my other hand. I started to peel…

Finally all the skin is off. I quickly sliced my apple into quarters and cored it. I cut my apple into thin slices. I added my load of apples into the big, fat, silver large pot. It’s ready to cook. Off to the staffroom we sprinted. I mixed sugar and butter then flour. It looked like bread crumb. I sprinkled this on top of the stewed apples. I stuck it  into the fire burning oven. It smelt like butter lovers popcorn. I looked into the oven. The bubbles reminded me of a fizzy drink. It’s ready Whanau haere mai ki te kai. Miss Wihongi said. I ran to grab a bowl and waited for everyone else. I slowly scooped a big mouthful yeah I thought. What a big day.    

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